Long Distance Carrier Freeze

Sometimes customers have their long distance carrier changed without their consent. In order to better serve you and keep you from getting your carrier changed without authorization, we provide a PIC (Primary Interchange Carrier) freeze service free of charge for our customers. Fill out the PIC Freeze Authorization Form and mail or fax it to ATMC to prevent a change in your long distance carrier without your consent.

Once the PIC freeze is in place, the freeze can only be lifted by your written authorization. The authorization required for the lifting of the PIC freeze is in addition to the regular verification process required to change to a different telephone service. The written authorization must be signed and state your intent to lift a PIC freeze. It should also include your billing name and address and each telephone number to be affected.

Mail forms to:
Long Distance
Post Office Box 3198
Shallotte, North Carolina 28459

or Fax:
(910) 754-3781

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