Email Services

ATMC offers a robust service available with our new advanced webmail application. Supported protocols include: webmail, POP, and more.

Email Forwarding: This will allow you to have email forwarded from accounts within ATMC's Internet service to other accounts which could include: email within a different domain, a different account within your domain or another email service entirely.

Virus Protection
The amount of damage viruses can do to your computer or network range from annoying to catastrophic. Viruses have gone from being an annoyance to being highly sophisticated, dangerous, and malicious. Therefore, they must be dealt with seriously, constantly and vigilantly.

GreyMail – Spam Filter

Each email account is equipped with GreyMail, a built-in spam filter to help stop incoming spam and other harmful emails. GreyMail eliminates a majority of all bad email up front, and any suspicious emails are quarantined. Once quarantined, an email notification or “daily digest” is sent to the account holder that shows a list of the quarantined emails and gives clickable options for handling them.

If you have an email account, you have a GreyMail account portal, where you can adjust filter settings, retrieve emails, and see a history of your quarantined emails. A link to your portal appears on each email notification of quarantined messages. Log in to your portal using your current email login: and password.

Spam FAQ

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