ATMC is pleased to announce an increase in grant funding for 2018. We will be awarding $35,000 in education grants this year.

2017 Education Grants

Belville Elementary School (A.J. Johnson and Patricia Riley)
Lincoln Elementary (Donna Lemerey)
Supply Elementary School (Natalie Doherty)
Supply Elementary School (Jennifer Kuhnemann)
Cedar Grove Middle School (Melody Bryant)
Leland Middle School (Rebeccah Jones)
Shallotte Middle School (Holly Borden)
South Brunswick Middle School (Maryanne Gilland)
South Brunswick Middle School (Muriel Watson)
North Brunswick High School (Allison Burroughs)
Brunswick County Early College High School (Kathrine Weeks)
South Brunswick High School (Beke Lindsay)
South Brunswick High School (Leigh Pope)
Brunswick Concert Band (Barbara Dougherty)
West Brunswick High School (Lindsey Fowler)
Brunswick County Schools (Ryanne Zavacky)
Hickman's Crossroads Library (Michelle Berger)

Education Grant


ATMC is dedicated to providing communications services that add value to the lives of our customers and the communities we serve. To ensure that our corporate contributions also add value within our communities, we have established a Education Grant. This program came about as a result of a restructuring of ATMC's overall corporate giving plan. The majority of the cooperative's corporate contribution and sponsorship dollars are given directly, through our Education Grant, to the numerous causes and worthwhile organizations that make a positive difference in the lives of local residents.


Our cooperative has always been a good corporate citizen. Over the years, we have generously given hundreds of thousands of dollars in services and financial contributions to a wide scope of community groups and organizations. Our employees have been active as well, helping to uphold the cooperative spirit. The decision was made to establish a Education Grant so that we could directly address specific needs in our community and achieve the greatest benefit for our residents.


  • Grants must be for programs which directly benefit residents in Brunswick County.
  • Grant dollars available to a specific program or group range from $250 to $2500.
  • Funds are disbursed for single-use and must be expended within one year of receipt.
  • Grants are open to educators and charitable/nonprofit organizations providing educational programs in Brunswick County or one in another county which offers a program specifically targeted at and benefiting Brunswick County residents. In the case of an outside organization, 100% of the funds must be used for Brunswick County residents. Education grants are also open to educators and administrators in Columbus County at Guideway Elementary School, Old Dock Elementary School, Nakina Middle School, and South Columbus High School.
  • An organization may not apply for or benefit from a grant twice in one 12-month period.


Grant funds will not be available for the following: religious organizations or activities, political organizations or activities, capital campaigns, individuals, beauty pageants, scholarships; advertising, fraternal organizations, sponsorship of fund-raising events (such as raffles, auctions, walk-a-thons or telethons); general operating funds, payments to individuals for services, endowments and labor organizations. In addition, grants will not be issued to groups or organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, age, disability or status as a protected veteran.


ATMC is currently accepting applications for our 2018 Education grants. We have combined application periods, but will continue to award $35,000 in Smart Connections funds to educators in Brunswick County and areas of Columbus County served by ATMC.

Education grant funds will be awarded in the fall. Applications must be received at ATMC offices by 6:00 PM on February 28th.*

*This is not a postmark deadline. Applications must be received by this date.


Inquiries regarding the ATMC Education Grant should be directed to:
ATMC Grants
P.O. Box 3198
Shallotte, NC 28459
FAX (910) 754-5499
TELEPHONE (910) 755-1755


Microsoft Word Template
Grant Application 2018

Download Excel Workbook
Budget Form

W-9 Form
W-9 Form

2016 Education Grants
Bolivia Elementary School - Sherri Clark
Bolivia Elementary School - Noah Klein
Guideway Elementary School - Angela Tyler
Lincoln Elementary School - Shane Terzaken
Southport Elementary School - Pam Rohrer
Union Elementary School - Amanda Cutrell
Cedar Grove Middle School - Lisa Faulk
South Brunswick Middle School - Traci Leonard
Brunswick County Academy - Tracey Weigold
North Brunswick High School - George Knips
South Brunswick High School - Samuel Jennings
West Brunswick High School - Portia Gause
West Brunswick High School - Alissa Johnson
The Academy of Coastal Carolina - Terry Cox Roosevelt and Ruth Marlow
Educational and Recreational Foundation - Natasha Godwin

2015 Education Grants
Lincoln Elementary School - Sarah Braswell and Nick Westfall
Old Dock Elementary School - Lydia Coyner Harrelson and Kelly Strickland
Supply Elementary School - Jennifer Kuhnemann and Stephie McCumbee
Town Creek Elementary School - Brenda Brown
Union Elementary School - Polly Westfall
Waccamaw School -Barbara Evans
Cedar Grove Middle School - Dale Giannastasio
Leland Middle School - John Holleman
Shallotte Middle School - Karen Atkinson and Anthony Tantillo
Brunswick County Early College School - Kathrine Weeks
North Brunswick High School - Shannon Bates
South Brunswick High School - Samuel Jennings
West Brunswick High School - Lindsay Caraway, Carol Desmond, and Elizabeth McKinley
Communities in Schools of Brunswick County - Bonnie Jordan

2014 Education Grants
Guideway Elementary School - Betty Worrell
Old Dock Elementary School - Lydia Coyner Harrelson
Supply Elementary School - Jennifer Kuhnemann
Town Creek Elementary School - Croslyn Johnson
Cedar Grove Middle School - Mike Hobbs
Leland Middle School - David Beebe
Leland Middle School - Angela Jarvis
Brunswick County Academy - Ashley Pate
Brunswick County Early College High School - Kathrine Weeks
South Brunswick High School - Donna Mooneyham
South Brunswick High School - Beke Lindsay
West Brunswick High School - Leigh Pope
Assistance League of Greater Wilmington - Judi Scott
Brunswick County Schools Exceptional Children's Department - Nancy Martin, Emily Dickson, Angelique Meyer, and Ryanne Zavacky
Brunswick County Schools Social Workers - DeAnna Graham

2013 Education Grants
Belville Elementary School - Polly Westfall
Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary School - Pam D'Alessandro
Old Dock Elementary School - Carrie Buffkin
Old Dock Elementary School - Brandy Lee
Old Dock Elementary School - Angela Ray and Nancy Bennett
Southport Elementary School - Barbara Ibert and Virginia Anderson
Town Creek Elementary School - Croslyn Johnson
Cedar Grove Middle School - Mary Zeigler
Leland Middle School - Shawn Black
Nakina Middle School - Jodi Gore
Shallotte Middle School - Portia Gause
Shallotte Middle School - Jamie Halye
South Brunswick Middle School - Kayce Smith
Waccamaw School - Rita Moffett and Daphne Mintz
North Brunswick High School - Ryan Barclay

2012 Education Grants
Southport Elementary School - Elizabeth Simmons
Supply Elementary School - Renee Schrom
Town Creek Elementary School - Alanna Davis
Virginia Williamson Elementary School - Tricia Padgett
Waccamaw School - Barbara Evans
Cedar Grove Middle School - Laura Brooks
Leland Middle School - Maria Hill
Nakina Middle School - Rachel Smith
Shallotte Middle School - Portia Gause
Shallotte Middle School - Matilda Scott
South Brunswick Middle School - Don Hill
Waccamaw School - Mary Chestnutt
North Brunswick High School - Ericka Riddle
South Brunswick High School - Beke Lindsay
West Brunswick High School - Kathy Evans
West Brunswick High School - Robert Watkins
Brunswick Concert Band - Linda Dorman
Matthew's Ministry - Kristie Disbrow

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